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Jun. 2nd, 2013

good news, I LEARN A NEW GLITCH! ( i made it by the way. ) Its Called " The Hidden Eye Glitch ". I went to the Wolves Only Party, Then The Pillow Room. When I sat down, I seen a shadow of where my eye should be, no eye outline. Nothing. By the way its works on Arctic Wolves Only! ENJOY! ( It may not work at the few first tries )

The Diamond Shop: A fun new way to get the best betas! You can get arctic wolves, lions, and snow leopards! Also It Counts as your Memnber Monthly Gift. I seen Elf Tail Armor, Lengend Glove, Lightning and Rainbow Clouds, and much more! Since it counts as that gift its for member's only!

- Animorphs9
spring is here! OWE! ITS GOOF OFF DAY! DANCE IF YO LOVE TO GOOF OFF! BE A PARTY ANIMAL! XDuntitled chihauhau
Originally posted by tygerwulfe at What I heard in my head when I saw this pic...

<Oh, come on, Marco! Chapman's going to SEE that!!>
<I'm a gorilla in a zoo exhibit. What's he going to do, dracon me in front of the third grade class?>

And now I must write this fanfic...

P.S. idk wat this has to do with animorphs!

I put a post on CraftGrrl, What jerks! calling it a brain teaser! I just ask what should I Carft something...cause meh bad at crafting!